Edward Eichler, Ph.D.

Thank you for visiting my website. After 40 years as a practicing psychologist in Georgia, I am currently devoted to the goal of providing psychotherapy and counseling to a small number of adult clients. I offer a safe, comfortable, home office setting, where together we can explore the concerns and issues that have led you to seek a therapeutic relationship.

Everyone deserves a personal therapy experience. Certainly, while your goals are foremost in the process, relief of painful symptoms is always sought. I do not offer “quick fixes” and subscribe to the idea that significant and meaningful changes take time and the sometimes difficult work of self exploration. I do not prescribe medications but appreciate their beneficial effects and necessity for many psychological disorders. However, many of our problems are “intra-psychic”, meaning related to psychological factors, early life experiences, long held beliefs and unconscious conflicts that endure until identified and worked on.